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At Viva Dance Studio, we specialise in Ballroom & Latin American Dance lessons, private lessons and choreography for your first wedding dance. We specialise in beginners, intermediate and advanced classes. Please read through the various types of dance below, all of which are taught at our dance studio!

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us on or (087) 412 -0443  for more information

Ballroom Dancing

  • Waltz

    A ballroom dance made fashionable in Vienna in the 1780's. The waltz is a flowing dance where the partners dance in a closed hold. The music has 3 beats to a bar.
  • Foxtrot

    A smooth and elegant Ballroom dance, where the dancers travel effortlessly around the floor.
  • Ballroom Tango

    Although its roots are from the original Argentine Tango, the Ballroom Tango has swayed away from its origins. It's characterised by sharp and staccato actions.
  • Quickstep

    Like the Foxtrot, the Quickstep is very elegant and should be smooth and glamorous. The dancers appear to be very light on their feet as they travel briskly around the floor.
  • Viennese Waltz

    The Viennese Waltz is a rotary dance where the dancers are constantly turning either in a clockwise (natural) or anti-clockwise (reverse) direction.

Latin American

  • Salsa

    A fun and easy Latin American dance which originates from Cuba. The salsa has evolved from its origins into a number of different styles due to its popularity all over the world.
  • Cha cha cha

    A cheeky, fun and flirtatious Latin American dance, which originates from Cuba. A Cha cha cha can be danced to authentic Latin American rhythms as well as contemporary pop and rock.
  • Samba

    With its Brazilian origins, the Samba is a fun and lively carnival dance.
  • Rumba

    A romantic and slow Latin American dance, which is famous for being the dance of love.
  • Paso Doble

    A strong and dominant Spanish dance based on the Bull Fight, where the man plays the role of the Matador and the woman his cape.
  • Rock N' Roll/Jive

    Rock' n 'roll danced competitively is an acrobatic dance which requires a lot of skill and stamina. However there are also non-acrobatic forms of Rock' n 'roll which are easy to learn and fun to do. This style of dance is also compared to swing or jitter bug. We also specialize in fun dances for all occasions. Enquire within about others types of dance that are of interest to you.

Private Lessons

If you prefer the idea of a one on one teaching environment, private ballroom dancing lessons at Dance Lessons Cork may be for you!